CICDC Coordinator

Hui He was appointed as the coordinator of the China-IMF Capacity Development Center (CICDC) on October 20, 2021. Before his appointment, he was a senior economist at the IMF Institute for Capacity Development. On behalf of the IMF, he has engaged in bilateral policy consultations to countries including China and Dominican Republic. Prior to joining the IMF in 2014, he had taught at Peking University (1994-1999), University of Hawaii (2007-2012) and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (2012-2014). His research areas include macroeconomics, labor economics, health economics, and Chinese economy. He has published in leading economics journals such as Journal of Monetary Economics, International Economic Review, Review of Economic Dynamics, and Journal of Development Economics. He obtained a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota and a M.A. and B.A. from Peking University. He is a U.S. citizen.