Course on Financial Development and Financial Inclusion (FDFI) in Mauritius

The CICDC presented its second course at the IMF’s Africa Training Institute (ATI) in Mauritius on October 28 – November 8, 2019. 33 government officials from 17 countries successfully completed the course on Financial Development and Financial Inclusion (FDFI), under the mentorship of the Course Coordinator, Mr. Dmitriy Rozhkov, lecturers Ms. Gillian Nkhata and Mr. Ian Nield. The course provided participants with tools to analyze and review the theoretical and empirical literature on the impact of finance on macroeconomic performance and growth. It also addressed policies to encourage financial development (market-enabling policies) and limit its potentially destabilizing effects (market-harnessing policies). The course introduced financial inclusion as an integral dimension of financial development—a perspective that has only recently received proper attention because for many years the discussion instead centered on the concept and measurement of financial depth. The course also reviewed the indicators currently used to measure financial inclusion, its distinct macroeconomic impact, and the main policy strategies usually pursued.